It’s all come to an end, this is not goodbye this is just see you next year. Santa has headed back to the grotto to prepare for his big night, we hope you have all been good boys and girls. This year has been very hard for us all at Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions, but as always, we have put up with the rubbish weather, negative comments, staffing issues, long days of planning, long nights of walking, long cold days of renovating our two sleighs. But of course, it has all been worthwhile, it’s good to see such good community spirits and the big smiles on boys and girls faces young and old. Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions would like to thank all our volunteers that take time away from their family’s over the Christmas period to help our great cause, our drivers paddy Flanagan, Dave Laidler and Dave Parker. Santa for doing such a fabulous job coming out every night and using his magic to be at two places at once. And of course, you the general public for your generous donations, all the money we collect goes back into the local community! We will soon publish the figures collected over Christmas 2017!

On behalf of all the members of Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Additionally, i would like to thank my fellow members John RathboneJanice Maskill, Andrew Reaney, Pat Harker, Gerry Haywood, Linda Haywood, Malcolm HelliwellColin Maskill, Bill Mawson, David ParkerDiane RathboneLynn Reaney, Steven Trown, Natalie Lewis and Mark Platts. The work you all do is amazing and often unappreciated by many, you all do an amazing job going out each night in all weathers, collecting for our cause, most of you being on deaths door with illness this Christmas. I would like to thank you for making my first year as a Lion so magical and worth while.

Joshua Spurr
Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions

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