Welcome from Lion President

Welcome from the President of Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions

John Rathbone, President of Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions Club

John Rathbone, President of Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions Club

My name is John Rathbone I have been a member of Maltby Rother Valley Lions for over 15 years. For the last 5 years I have been the president. Membership is growing with male and female members. We have a great group of members, all hard working active members giving up a little of their time to help others.

Maltby Rother Valley Lions Club are most famous for our two Christmas Sleighs. We cover a massive area over about 15 days. We visit schools of all kinds within the area that we cover. We also visit homes, hospices and several other places during the day. If you have someone who is disabled or house bound please let us know and we will try and make a special visit to their home. Being involved in the Christmas sleighs is the most rewarding thing that we do. Seeing the faces on people of all ages from young to old is magical. Everyday is different regards the people and animals that we meet. The one thing that never changes is the enjoyment that we bring. This would not be possible without the amazing people that help us every year – all giving up their time for free. The first time helping could feel a little strange at first but you will be looked after by all of our members and helpers. It is like one big family all pulling together. Warm clothes and boots are a must for everyone. It will be very cold and the wind and rain will be in your face. You will walk several miles each night meeting people with smiles and several with tears. You will get hugs and kisses but most of all you will get thank you’s. People will think I am not selling this very well as once anyone has been out with us it always sells itself.

Last year you all helped us raise over £18,000, all the money going back to the areas that is is collected from. If you would like more information please give me a call on my mobile 07793 580790. We are hoping that some helpers will become members at sometime. We have two meetings per month, these are at the Manor Hotel in Maltby. They are the first and third Monday of every month, excluding bank holidays. We start the meetings at 7pm, they are light hearted and constructive. Depending on what we have to discuss or organise sometimes we all call for a drink or two afterwards. This year with our new website we are hoping to be able to reach more people with more information and updates regards sleighs and all events. If you have any spare time why not give me a call and come along to one of our meetings. Like puppies we are not just here for Christmas.

John Rathbone
Mobile 07793 580790

Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions Club