Santa’s Sleigh Run Schedules released for Christmas 2020!!!

Please note RESTRICTIONS below are to keep the general public and our members safe for Christmas 2020

Things are, unfortunately, a little different this year and both we and the public have conditions to abide by for this to go ahead. Please keep at least 2 metres away from all our team, including all volunteers, Santa and his sleigh. We recommend to keep the 2 metre rule – do not step off the pavement onto the road whilst Santa is passing and keep to social distancing rules.

Santa will not be doing his usual impromptu stops for photos. Please note that due to weather and other conditions times/ dates/ areas may change.

We cannot confirm which streets we are going down, but we will cover as much ground as possible in the area so please do not message us for individual streets and times, this year we need your help when we are in your area simply listen out for Santa.

Starting points are in place for guidance only, may we ask you not to gather at our starting points as we have in previous years, this is due to COVID-19 restrictions.
Collection buckets will be available for donations to be made, procedures have been put in place to make sure this adheres to social distancing regulations.

Looking forward to seeing you Ho Ho Ho! All members and volunteers of Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions wish you a safe Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

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Thank you from Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions Club
Santa's Sleigh Run Schedules released by Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions Club


Wednesday 9th – Thurcroft [6PM Start from Gordon Bennett Memorial Hall)
Thursday 10th – Highfield park [6PM Start from Sheppey Pub]
Friday 11th – Manor area (Braithwell road and below) [6PM Start from Manor Hotel]
Saturday 12th – Laughton/ Brookhouse/ Hooten Levitt [5PM Start from Hatfield Arms]
Saturday 12th – TESCO’S MALTBY static 09.30AM – 01.00PM
Sunday 13th – Model Village/ Birks Holt [5PM Start from Queens Hotel]
Monday 14th – White City and Hellaby [6PM Start from Lumley Arms]
Friday 18th – Sheppey and Little London [6PM Start from Sheppey Pub]
Saturday 19th – Ravenfield [5PM Start from Ravenfield Arms]
Sunday 20th – Cliff Hills [5PM Start from Cliff Hills]
Monday 21st – Braithwell [6pm Start from Butchers Arms]
Tuesday 22nd – Dale Hill (Lilly Hall Road/ Columbus Way Estate) [6pm Start from Dale Hill Road]
Wednesday 23rd – Dale Hill (Upperfield Road and Lower part of estate) [5.30PM Start from Upperfield Road]
Thursday 24th – Dale Hill (Scott Walk and the side of the New Estate) [5PM Start from Scott Walk]


Thursday 10th – Kiveton and Wales [6PM Start from The Saxon]
Saturday 12th – The Chase and Aughton [5PM Start from Aston Church Lane]
Sunday 13th – Rosegarth and Lodge Lane [5PM Start from Shops on Worksop Road]
Tuesday 15th – Swallow Wood Est/Pidgeon Bridge Est/Alpina Way Estate [6pm Start from Swallow Wood Road]
Thursday 17th – Throapham/Laughton Common – [6PM Start from Throapham
Saturday 19th – Woodsetts [6PM Start from Butchers Arms]
Saturday 19th – TESCO’S DINNINGTON Static 09.30AM – 03.00PM
Sunday 20th – Rackford Road / Highnook [5PM Start from Rackford Road]
Monday 21st – South Anston [6PM Start from Leeds Arms]
Tuesday 22nd – Church Lane Dinnington [6PM Start from Aldi]
Wednesday 23rd – Lakeland Drive [6PM Start from Lakeland Drive
Thursday 24th – North Anston Wimpey Estate [5PM Start from Falcon Way]

Santa’s Christmas Sleigh bell’s will be jingling in 2020!

Our members and helpers have been working very hard for the past few months renovating our two sleighs, in the hope that we will be able to take them out and spread some Christmas joy in the community after an awful year.

After first thinking that we would not be able to take them out at all due to Covid restrictions, we are now so happy that we have permission to take them out and about in the run up to Christmas. Details of our sleigh runs will shortly be published on our Facebook page.

On Saturday 5th December we will be outside Tesco in Maltby with Santa, the Sleigh and his helpers from 9.30am to 1.00pm. This will all be subject to strict Covid regulations, practicing social distancing at all times. Unfortunately, the sleighs will not be making our usual stops for photos on our evening runs.

Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions Club are looking forward to seeing you all ho ho ho!!

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MRVL get a mention on Prime Ministers Questions

Alexander Stafford, MP for Rother Valley, gave Maltby Rother Valley Lions a mention along with other annual Christmas activities in the Rother Valley area in Prime Ministers Questions on Tuesday. We await Council decisions around Covid restrictions as to whether these can go ahead in any way. We will post any updates on our website and Facebook page. For more info please Message us or call us on: 07504 326336.

Watch the video here (Facebook) >

“As I said in Parliament, Rother Valley has such a vibrant Christmas scene it would be an incredible shame to miss out. From the Dinnington St John’s Town Council Christmas Festival and Christmas wreath making in Todwick, to the Maltby Rother Valley Lions Santa Sleigh ride, carols at All Saints, Aston and even my own new Annual Christmas Card Competition- there really is something for everyone. So please, stick to the rules to keep our community safe and our traditions alive.” Alexander Stafford MP.

Update from Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions President, John Rathbone

This year has been a strange year, the last few months have been like something we have never known before. We have only been able to have one meeting since March. 

This will be the first year we have had to cancel our Christmas Carol Concert. With everything still being unsure, we think it is for the best.

We are unsure at this time what will happen regarding the Christmas Sleighs. We are in the process of refurbishing both of them at this time. We may have to put up some kind of screen to protect everyone. This will be at the top of our list at the next meeting, we will be doing our best to get out and about with the sleighs if possible and safe to do so.

We will keep you all updated as and when we know what we can do. All of our Members and Helpers look forward to being out with the sleighs probably as much as everyone that comes out to see us!

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Our 2019 sleigh routes have come to an end


We would like to thank our old and new collectors, Santa’s and drivers for their support, Christmas just would not be possible without you. We would also like to thank the public for your generous donations ans continued support. So santa is on his way back to the north pole and will pay one more visit to you all tonight, on the provision you have been good boys ans girls, and are all asleep and tuck away in bed. Our grand total for the sleigh route collection will be posted early 2020.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

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Santa and his team are keeping very busy!

Santa and his team of volunteer helpers from Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions Club are still keeping very busy indeed, as they make the sleigh runs throughout the North and South sides of Maltby and the Rother Valley. We thought we would just take this opportunity to share a few of the photos with you.

To see more images and for up-to-date info about the sleigh runs please visit our Lions Facebook Fanpage.

If you missed Santa and his team and would like to make an online donation, you can visit: our ‘ON-LINE’ donations page.

Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions Club