Helping the Methodist Church

Lions lending a hand to a worthy cause in the community of North Anston.

North Anston Methodist ChurchMaltby Rother Valley Lions are happy to have helped to replace 3 windows at North Anston Methodist Church. Check out the before and after photos to see what a difference this has made!

Defibrillator for Aston Tara

Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions, along with local ward councillors Lindsay Pitchley, Mick Elliott and Robert Taylor, Aston Tara and the Parish Council Management Commitee, are proud to have helped raise funds for a defribillator to be installed at Aston Parish Hall. Lion Bill Mawson attended the photo shoot.

New member joins the club

Recently a new member was welcomed to the Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions Club.

Nathan has been involved with the lions for a few years now and has been welcomed with open arms.

We hope you have a wonderful time with us Nathan

Nathan being sworn in by lion Andrew

Nathan and Sponsor Lynn

Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions Club